Connecting Tradition and Tomorrow supporting St. Luke's Episcopal School
St. Luke's Episcopal School

Our Tradition​

Founded in 1947, St. Luke’s Episcopal School began as a Kindergarten program and today educates PreK3 through eighth grade students. St. Luke’s has remained a beacon of learning on the hilltop and continues to be one of the premier co-educational institutions in San Antonio. 

From the beginning, St. Luke's has provided an exemplary, faith-based education in an environment of encouragement and creativity. All students are expected to live the "St. Luke's Way" through courteous and cooperative behavior that is guided by love and respect for God, their school,  their neighbors and themselves.

Our Tomorrow

A survey of the current status of the community indicates that there are three critical dimensions of the School that demand attention. 

More families need an affordable path to a St. Luke's education. Through the Tuition Assistance program, we increase enrollment by welcoming new, mission-appropriate families that cannot afford full tuition. At the same time, current students are  retained which results in full classrooms and a diverse student body. 

  • In order to recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers, faculty compensation and benefits must be competitive with peer schools. Better access to unrestricted funds will ensure that we can continue to hire the finest teachers available. 

  • After fifty years of daily use, the physical plant requires upgrading. The playground space, now some thirty years old, is ready for renovation. An outdoor learning space with designated areas for early childhood students, as well as  middle-school students is needed. In addition, the early childhood wing is located in the original part of the facility and it is in need of updates and upgrades. As with all schools, St. Luke’s is committed to strengthening security in the building and on its campus. An immediate need is appropriate locking and monitoring systems in place to protect the students and community. 

Student Enrollment

St. Luke’s is seeking $500,000 to provide financial assistance to mission-appropriate students who would otherwise not be able to afford a St. Luke's education. 

At St. Luke’s, differences are celebrated. Students of all cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels and religious beliefs are welcomed and valued. Diversity provides opportunities for students to develop a respect and understanding of a world that is becoming more heterogeneous. In the Episcopal tradition, St. Luke’s upholds these values and encourages students to appreciate the life experiences and perspectives of others. 

Financial assistance supports retention of current families, plus recruitment of talented new students and allows mission-appropriate students access to an exceptional education.  This financial assistance helps us to increase enrollment with new families as well as retain our current students, thus providing a full and enriching class experience to a more diverse student population. 

Faculty Support

St. Luke’s is seeking funds in the amount of $250,000 to support teacher salaries and benefits.

A top priority for St. Luke’s is to ensure that teachers remain dynamic and innovative in their classroom teaching methods. Creative collaborations model and teach the 21st Century skills1 essential for today’s students. In order to both model and teach 21st Century skills, St. Luke’s is committed to recruiting and supporting stellar faculty who impact students through transformative lessons and experiences. Every effort is made to ensure that St. Luke’s’ salaries and benefits packages are commensurate with those of other prominent independent schools. 

Our faculty members embody the spirit of the school and shape student and family experiences through the strong relationships that are developed. Guided by a caring, nurturing faculty and staff, St. Luke’s students learn to make thoughtful, informed choices, to take healthy risks, and to assimilate the equally important lessons of failure and success. 


St. Luke’s is seeking $1,000,000 to provide essential renovations to the campus that will provide a secure and supportive learning environment.

Outdoor Learning Center

The value of physical activity establishes models for a healthy lifestyle that integrates mind, body and spirit.  Through outdoor play, students gain stronger communication skills as they problem-solve and participate in small and large group activities. 

The beautifully shaded playground has served us well for thirty years and the time has come to upgrade equipment, drainage, and to address safety concerns as we reimagine this space to include outdoor learning opportunities.  For example, a redesigned sports court area with seating made of natural materials would provide a setting for athletics as well as serve as an outdoor amphitheater. 

McNab Gymnasium Locker Rooms

Students who participate in sports learn personal responsibility and effective relationship building. St. Luke’s students have the opportunity to participate in all school sports and  utilize our well-equipped McNab Gymnasium.  Updating our locker rooms is essential to providing a modern space that can withstand the wet and humid conditions found in these areas. Recruiting students is another goal as St. Luke’s hosts visiting teams for games held on our campus. From an admissions perspective, it is important that our locker rooms are functional and modern.

Early Childhood Classroom Updates

Young children learn by doing. Using their five senses, they take in the world around them. Classrooms need to be updated to enhance children’s learning which is experiential, student centered and relationship-driven. 

Our classrooms have an abundance of natural light that needs to be highlighted by updated painting, utilizing neutral colors. Our campus surroundings are natural, and there is a wonderful opportunity to bring natural themes and new materials into the rooms. New furnishings are needed to allow for activity centers where children can wonder and imagine, where they can explore math, science, and practice reading readiness. 

It is our belief that children are born with amazing potential and it is critical to have early childhood classrooms where students are inspired to learn independently, where they can work with one another and where they can participate in whole group activities with success.  


St. Luke’s  works tirelessly to provide a safe environment for every individual on campus. To assist our efforts, we need additional security monitoring equipment and improved locking mechanisms throughout the school. 

Safety is on the forefront of every school’s self-assessment and improvement plan. St. Luke’s has established a risk management committee to evaluate all aspects of campus safety and security.  Currently the committee is exploring all dimensions of what it means to have a secure church and school building.   

St. Luke’s is launching an ambitious campaign to raise $1,750,000 with $500,000 for student tuition assistance, $250,000 for faculty salary and benefit support and $1,000,000 for campus improvements. 

Each year, St. Luke’s purposefully invests in its programs and its people. Your generosity  fuels those investments. Your gift allows us to foster a diverse community, develop innovative curriculum, strengthen our facilities, support our teachers in the classrooms and nurture our students into scholars, citizens and leaders.

The world needs the young people at St. Luke’s Episcopal School to be the leaders of the future.

Our school remains vitally important to the future leadership of San Antonio. We are  committed to the bright future of St. Luke’s and invite you to join us as we support and advance St. Luke’s Episcopal School.