Every Dollar Makes an Impact

As a nonprofit organization, a large portion of our budget is dependent on grants and donations. Moody Clinic is the only nonprofit of our kind in the Rio Grande Valley, we are able to provide affordable, therapy services to those who need it the most.

Your financial gift today will ensure we keep patients safe! 

Moody Clinic has been operating from its current facility since 1969. Throughout the decades, portions of the building have been repurposed to address the evolving needs of our patients. However, there is still work left to do.

At present time there is no barrier between the clinic’s lobby to the therapy rooms. This causes a safety concern for patients who struggle with wandering or running away from their parents. It also poses a threat as outside intruders can easily walk into our building.

As a solution, staff would like a door with security access installed to clearly delineate between the semi-public area of the lobby and the private area beyond. In addition, there are no barriers between the therapy gyms and hallways. Two more doors are needed to close off areas.

Did you know? Moody Clinic was created in 1952 by a woman whose son suffered from Cerebral Palsy. She grew frustrated with the lack of treatment options in the community and decided to take action. She put a group of professionals together to spearhead a clinic to help children with disabilities.

Your donation can be tax deductible. Please make sure to check with your financial advisor.