Reliable Staff Housing Provides TA...

​Enhanced Recruitment: 

Advertising our Field Instructor positions with an accompanying “housing provided” benefit will attract a higher base of applicants.

​First Class Candidates: 

Offering our top-choice applicants a job AND housing in the same conversation ensures we receive the highest quality recruits each season.  Housing eliminates the barriers and typical hesitations our new hires traditionally face.


The only thing better than an Academy instructor is a RETURN Academy instructor! Incentivizing staff to return for a second and third summer through rental subsides and extended leases would protect our annual investment in hiring, training and overseeing our large seasonal staff. Institutional and cultural Academy knowledge is priceless.

Our NEW Leopard Creek House!

As our resort community grows and adapts to the ever changing world around us, staff housing has become an issue paramount in addressing. Through board and administrative dialogue, it was decided that adopting an ambitious and proactive stance was necessary to protect the integrity and legacy of our programming. 

In May of 2021, Telluride Academy purchased a 4 bedroom / 3 bath house near Placerville, Colorado! The home sits on 3.8 acres of land,  includes a garage and numerous out buildings and is surrounded by public land.  After a quick cosmetic upgrade to the interior of the home, we were able to provide a collection of our new and return instructors  a home! The property also provides Telluride Academy with much needed storage for our fleet of vehicles, trailers and gear. 

Our future projects include adding exterior yurts and tiny homes to increase our occupancy levels as well as programming elements such as a greenhouse, low element ropes courses and more!

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Our Greatest Asset:

For 41 Years, Telluride Academy has provided local and visiting youth  a vibrant collection of unique and engaging experiences rooted in experiential education, discovery and growth. Every single program we have offered over the past four decades was a reflection of our incredible staff and their energy, enthusiasm and overall zest for adventure! Telluride Academy instructors come from diverse backgrounds with unique and valuable skill sets that manifest in our programming. They are educators, artists, guides and caregivers. They give the best of themselves each and every summer in a collective effort of making Telluride Academy one of the most unique and empowering youth programs in the world!

Now it's our turn to care for them! Help us secure housing for a large collection of our incredible summer staff and ensure that their passion has a home in our programming.