Turn up the Heat

This January, our 30 year old main boiler cracked and was unable to be repaired. We were very fortunate to have experts from Boulier Heating and Cooling and Leonard C. Carnaghi, Inc. rush to our aid. Thanks to their quick response, we replaced the boiler while only missing 2 days of school, as opposed to the 4-6 weeks other companies estimated.

During the boiler replacement, other issues arose as well. Multiple pipes throughout our building had rusted through and were also leaking. With the new boiler costing $71,500 and the repairs on new pipes and other issues, the entire project came out to $78,000. 

Replacing our boiler was an expense that was not part of this year’s school budget. However, not having heat in a school building during a Michigan winter (even a mild one) is not an option. With that being said, we now turn to our community to put this problem behind us.  

That is why we are asking you to contribute to this campaign. While in the past, our campaigns were focused on growth opportunities, we are now in the position of needing to fulfill one of the most basic needs of our school. We are confident that Cardinal Mooney families, alumni and businesses will all RISE to meet this challenge together.

If you would like additional information on how you can support Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School contact Dan Kilian at 810-765-8825 ext. 16 or email dkilian@cardinalmooney.org.

Thank you in advance for your support of our students and our mission as a school!