Rashawn | Born 2006

Rashawn is a charming and sweet kid who adores card games. He is excited about becoming part of a family and being fully loved as he is. Rashawn hopes to have a pet when he moves in with a new family!

Alyssa | Born 2005

Alyssa is a focused and intelligent 15-year-old who loves to read and enjoys drawing, coloring, and doing other crafts in her free time. Alyssa is fashionable and loves accessorizing to highlight her unique sense of style. She is insightful for her age and self-aware when it comes to what she wants out of life and for her future. Alyssa has expressed that she hopes to find a forever family that will continue to support her throughout the rest of her young adult life.

Jason | Born 2006

Jason is funny, charming, and easy to connect with. Like many teens, he welcomes space to explore his independence, but also needs guidance. Jason is excited to meet a family that will be open to welcoming him, giving him positive reinforcement, and including him in fun family activities. 

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We believe that family is a human right. Every child deserves a family who will love them unconditionally, celebrate them through the good times and stand by their side through the not-so-good times. Adoptions Together's Heart Gallery gives children an opportunity to tell their story and connect with their future forever family. Click here to view the full gallery.