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About Celebrating Community

Dear friends, partners, and supporters, 

Thank you for joining AgeOptions as we Celebrate Community. AgeOptions serves 130 communities in suburban Cook County. These communities include not only the older adults and caregivers that we serve, but our partner agencies, supporters, and donors like you. We share a vision of people thriving as they age, and a mission of strengthening communities to make that possible. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in unique and challenging ways.  Some of us may be struggling with illness or the loss the of a loved one.  Others may be grieving the loss of a job, adjusting to working and learning remotely, and missing the social interactions we have with friends and family.  Older adults and adults with disabilities are particularly at risk during times like these.  AgeOptions and our partner agencies are working tirelessly to help ensure that our clients have necessary support and resources during this unprecedented time of need.  It is difficult to ask for financial support right now, but ask we must.  

During more certain times, we would be introducing you to the amazing services provided by AgeOptions at a live fundraising gala complete with an MC, videos, food, wine, music, silent auction, and networking opportunities.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to gather in this way.  Yet the needs of older adults in our community are greater than ever.  Please take a few minutes now to learn about the crucial work we do and help us ensure that the older adults who depend on AgeOptions can continue to thrive in our community! Your support is greatly appreciated. 


Diane Slezak, CEO


Starts at:  July 10, 2020 7:30 AM
Ends at:  July 31, 2020 11:59 PM




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Celebrating Community is raising funds to support four different programs and services.  Every dollar counts!  

Nutrition:  AgeOptions and its parter agencies serve 174,000 older adults and people with disabilities in Suburban Cook County who face food insecurity.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of dozens of communal dining sites, making the acquisition of nutritious food even more difficult for older adults living independently.  Please help us meet the growing need for healthy meals.

Avisery: Older adults who reach the age of 65 are faced with a maze of Medicare and private health insurance options.  AgeOptions counsels these individuals to help them understand their myriad options and pick the one that is best suited to their needs and circumstances. 

Caregiver Support: AgeOptions and its partner agencies offer a variety of programs to provide caregivers with the tools, support, and resources they need to successfully care for a loved one at home.  

Chronic Disease Management: AgeOptions offers workshops to older adults which offer the information, tools, and resources required to successfully manage chronic illnesses like diabetes from home. 

Meet the people behind the mission!

"Not only has it been helpful to meet other people dealing with the same issues, but I have learned so much to help me deal with the difficulties of caregiving.  I don't know what I would do without this support group. I am profoundly grateful."

-- Elizabeth, AgeOptions Caregiver

"My wife and I are both 85 and she insists on cooking, so we were ecstatic when the big box of food came. There was a good variety: three types of meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetables. We cooked all of it, but not on the same day." 

-- Ray, AgeOptions Client

“AgeOptions worked very hard for me. Their staff communicated with the Illinois Department of Human Services to share updated information. Now I don’t have to choose between buying medication and food. You are miracle workers, and I am so grateful to AgeOptiions.”   

--Marcia, AgeOptions Client​

"My volunteer work at AgeOption absorbs some of my free time while providing enormous satisfaction each time I assist another senior.  I, too, am grateful for the meaningful opportunities afforded to me by AgeOptions." 

-- Denise, AgeOptions Volunteer​