A Message From The Principal

We are beyond grateful to be gathering together again, rekindling the spirit, love, and excitement of the RPMS community!  We are back to in-person events at all levels: food preparation is in full swing in the toddler and children’s houses; elementary students are happy to be socializing without masks, and middle school bonding trips have taken place and fulfilled their mission! 

The joy in the air is palpable. Returning students are eagerly entering the building. New students are more confidently walking into their classrooms. The teachers are re-connecting in ways we have all been longing to do! 

It is my great hope, through our Annual Fund Campaign that we continue to grow, strengthen and rekindle this wonderful community. Just as we know all RPMS constituents matter, we know that every dollar matters.  We are grateful these dollars allow us to bridge the gap between tuition and overall operating expenses, so we can continue to attract dedicated teachers, maintain our beautiful Montessori materials, and offer robust extracurricular programing!

Thank you for contributing what feels right for you and your family. 

Ben Blair,