Williams Club Family and Friends Campaign

Williams Club Family and Friends Campaign supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield
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WHY this partnership with Springfield Public schools is important.

We believe this partnership with Springfield Public Schools will provide many benefits to members, families, and the community. We anticipate:

  • Providing a high-quality, targeted before and after school program for kids who are currently underserved and at-risk. This program is balanced to allow members to feel safe, have fun, receive a hot meal, and engage in a vast number of learning opportunities.

  • Increasing math and ELA test scores. We understand the needs at Williams Elementary and with targeted programs, we intend to improve test scores and cultivate a love for learning after school.

  • Exposing at-risk children to the importance of environmental awareness and sustainability, ethical leadership and civic engagement, workforce development, healthy lifestyles, and outdoor time through intentional programming, field trips, and meaningful opportunities.

  • Continuing the aligned partnership that mutually benefits the each entity.

Our Opportunity

With the recent bond issue passing, we have the opportunity to strengthen our partnership with Springfield Public Schools. Williams Elementary will be undergoing a renovation and reconstruction. We have the opportunity to build a Club, similar to the Sertoma Unit, at Williams.

Capital Campaign

We have successfully exceeded our $1,200,000 fundraising goal. Currently, we have raised $1,310,700 in pledges. Now is your chance to support programming needs at Williams Elementary. Please consider becoming a friend of the new Club at Williams Elementary by making a contribution. 


Enrollment: Will be 100 Pre-K and 350 K-5
F/R Lunch Rate: 87%,
ELA Below: 48% and Math Below: 46%
Feeder: Hillcrest High School
Neighborhood: Tom Watkins
Median Household Income: $28,271
Below Poverty Level: 40%
College Graduation or Higher: 7%
City Zone: One

Our Campaign TIMELINE

November 2019: Campaign Committee Formation 
November 2019-May 2020: Design & Bid
January 2020-August 2021: Campaign Runs
June 2020-May 2021: Construction 

August 2021: Club Opens

Estimated Costs:

Architect fees: $40,000

Construction: $540,000

Furniture: $70,000

Two-Year Operations Budget: $550,000

Total: $1,200.000