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Our Story

We began rescuing horses in 2020, starting with our very first wild horse called "Luna," who we found caught in the slaughter pipeline.  Rescuing Luna led to rescuing dozens of other horses and burros as we went along, including mares who were heavily pregnant, foals, wild horses, domestic horses, abused horses, surrendered horses - many of which were slated to be shipped to the unimaginable slaughter pipeline in Mexico.  

They often leave with sad, scared eyes, broken spirits, and battered bodies.  But with time, love, gentle care, medication, and rehabilitation - the way these horses come back to life is just extraordinary!  We work very hard to find each of these horse and burros loving forever homes.  Many of them have absolutely transformed the lives of adults and children they have come into, especially those suffering from anxiety, mental illness, or trauma.

To rescue a horse or burro, it generally costs WBF between $2,500 - $5,000 from the beginning and end of their journey with us through finding an adopter.  From putting up a "bail fee" or purchasing a horse or burro at an auction (usually approximately $500-$1500), to the trailer ride to get them to a safe place for quarantine and rehabilitation (anywhere from $200-$1000 or more), food while they recover and await the perfect adopter (generally $100-150 a month), basic veterinary care, visits, shots, and worming if nothing else is wrong (approximately $200-300), farrier care (about $100-$200), and then extras such as supplements, or additional veterinary care, exams, X-rays if they are hurt or sick, which can balloon into the thousands.

Every life matters.  Please help us do our part, in rescuing as many horses as we are able as we grow our organization, or in granting gifts to other vetted 501c3 rescue organizations to help rescue horses with these funds.  Each of the photos on this page are of horses we have rescued, who have found their forever people and places!

Thank you for supporting The Wild Beauty Foundation.


We are currently fundraising for "Wishes" (in the main photograph below), a beautiful wild horse we rescued out of a kill pen in Louisiana on the evening of May 19th, 2022.  This young, scared little mare is approximately three years old, and was surrendered by her owner in an extremely emaciated and terrified state.

"Wishes" is now at a sanctuary / quarantine facility where she will receive medical treatment and care to recover and put on some much needed weight.

We will be hosting a naming event starting on Friday, May 20th on the WBF Facebook page to give "Wishes" (her kill pen name) a new name that embodies her true spirit!


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