The greatest gift in the world is hope.

Hilary was a true champion in the most important way possible, inspiring the hope that people need to achieve victory over cancer. Hilary radiated with love, and warmth while staying positive and exemplifying true class.

At Careity, we love nothing more than having enough hope on hand when frantic people come to us, suddenly faced with the word cancer in their lives.

Honorary Chairs 2018 CareityCelebrity Cutting

Your support is important to me. I will be riding in the

Careity Celebrity Cutting on Friday, December 3rd at Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum.

A gift  memory of Hilary could help save a cancer patient's life.

I'm hoping to raise $30,000 to ensure we give the best possible chance of survival to these cancer patients. Please consider a gift of $50 or more if you can, because these patients are in the battle of their lives.

Tom Watson is one well-known athlete, champion on the golf course. Hilary Watson was another athlete, one who championed a cause for others even as she battled for her own life. Together they wasted no time or words. In 2018 they gave Careity the ultimate contribution, lending their names to promote and encourage both patients and donors.

Some champions take home trophies for their greatness, while others also leave us with things that help us achieve greatness ourselves – gifts like inspiration and hope. We are especially blessed to have found champions like Tom and Hilary Watson who chaired the 2018 Careity Celebrity Cutting.