During times of uncertainty and crisis, Olmsted County residents come together to support one another.

COVID-19 is the newest test of our collective strength. As our community integrates social distancing and other restraints, businesses are closing, and unemployment is rising. Cancelled conferences, entertainment, sporting events, and plummeting sales at local businesses are disproportionately impacting hourly workers throughout the local economy. Coupled with school closures that require extra childcare expenses or lost time on the job, many working families are struggling to make rent and put food on the table. Paying rent and utilities, getting food, and finding basics like diapers is tougher than ever before and residents across Olmsted County are struggling and turning to nonprofits to help make ends meet.

A second crisis is unfolding for these families alongside the growing threat to public health. Community resources are being stretched thin as they work to meet the growing need. Food pantries and shelters are in high demand, and calls for help are already pouring into our 211 information and referral service.

The TOGETHER: Greater Rochester Area COVID-19 Community Support Fund is designed to provide financial resources quickly and easily to local nonprofits that are experiencing unforeseen challenges and issues due to the ongoing crisis.

This pandemic is a new challenge for us, but the community spirit required in response is not. For 95 years, United Way of Olmsted County and our community partners have faced crises head on, doing whatever is required to comfort and care for those in need. Together, we will overcome this pandemic by making sure the most vulnerable among us are protected. We invite you to do the same by joining our fight!

TOGETHER, we are committed to strengthening our community and the nonprofits that so faithfully serve it during this uncertain time.

Although social distancing separates us physically, we are still as connected to each other as ever. TOGETHER, we have the power to come together in hope and in generosity, to act when duty calls, and to give with open hands and an open heart.

Donate to the TOGETHER: Greater Rochester Area COVID-19 Community Support Fund today.

For more information and ways to help, visit: uwolmsted.org/united-we-fight-coronavirus

If you intend to give a gift over $1000, or would like to pay by cash or check, please contact us at rd@uwolmsted.org.