SOAR Building Campaign

Support our Building Campaign

Be an integral part of helping SOAR be able to better serve our human clients and increase our capacity to assist more people and pets by having a real building of our own!  This has been our dream for years and you can help us finally turn it into a reality.  

When we found this space and facility we knew it was perfect for our needs and could provide the growth we desperately needed to better serve our community.  This building (or rather, collection of three buildings on one property) will provide us with much needed extra facility for fostering pets, as well as private rooms for pets that do not get along with other animals.  This will in turn allow us to serve more people in need, some of whom we have been unable to help in the past due to limited capacity.  The space will also allow us to have a secure and official location for intake, client engagement and counseling, as well as a site for office and general meeting space.  

Our ultimate goal is for this location to be a community engagement hub, for interaction between us and our clients, our volunteers, our donors, and our other advocates in the community.  

Thank you so much for believing in our work and for ultimately helping SOAR to soar!

For years, "Fort Hopson" (Angela's House) has been the primary location for the majority of our dogs and cats in foster care, as well as the hub of activity for SOAR. It hosted client visitations, donation deliveries, outreach and organizational meetings, and even provided storage and distribution sites.​

As 2019 has been our largest growth year yet, we have been able to assist so many people and pets - but have also begun to rapidly outgrow our humble space. We have been searching for another building for quite some time; to be able to foster more pets, pets that have barriers to traditional foster homes, and expand our capacity as it relates to BOTH the human and animal services we provide. We hope to improve and increase our existing services in this new space.

Now that we've found a facility that is perfect for our needs, and will support our continued growth for many years to come, we want to secure it and transform the spaces into a new HOME for SOAR and a place of welcome for our community, the clients and pets we serve, and all the wonderful volunteers and donors who help us help others.

By donating to our Building Campaign, you are becoming a part of helping SOAR grow in ways we could only have imagined years ago.  We cannot and could not do this without you and your support over the years and we thank you so much for your continued support for our work.  We can't wait to see the beautiful space this building will become and the impact we can create together.