Cause Eyes Matter


​We believe in leading with gratitude and providing hope through sight.

Our mission is to HEAL:

H elp every person reach his/her visual potential.

E ducate the community on impact of poor eyesight.

A wareness of eye health and vision issues.

L ift barriers to access to care.

Become a HEALer today! Give Hope, Give Sight!​

Our Current Programs

Through the collaboration of 43 eye doctors in the Valley, we have been able to provide vision services to all in need. Through Sight for All United, our Doctors for Sight can work in tandem with the community leaders to efficiently deliver care. Sight empowers people and allows them to learn more effectively, drive safely, and maintain independence. Sight also prevents falls in our elderly, helps decrease social isolation, and improves behavior and attention.
Eye See Again Program: surgical care is provided to those in need
Help Me See Program: this program provides transportation, medical examinations and glasses to patients
Sight for Kids Program: this program provides children identified in our school programs to receive follow up with medical issues.

This year, Sight for All United will be in 3 counties and 4 school districts providing eye exams and glasses. If a child needs further medical care, referrals and assistance will be provided so that every child has their best potential for sight.

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!

Purchase a donated print from one of our generous aritsts while helping us provide hope by giving sight.

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artists: Drs. Erdal Sarac, Rashid Abdu, and Sergul Erzurum​

Providing Hope by Giving Sight!

In our first 2 years, we were able to help 834 clients receive vision services. During the 2018-2019 school year, we participated in helping an additional 450 school children in the Youngstown and Liberty school districts.
We will be in 3 counties and 4 school districts this year. In addition, in collaboration with Remote Area Medical, Sight for All United was able to examine an additional 934 people in the community during a weekend health initiative.

We provide resources and collaboration for vision services to individuals in the tri-county (Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana) area. Through our help, clients can receive much needed surgeries, diabetic laser treatments, macular degeneration treatments and injections. We also assist treatment for chronic testing and low vision assistance and school eye exams and glasses to those in need.

We are proud of our ongoing school vision program, Sight for Kids, which began in 2016. Our initial year raised awareness of a community wide vision problem for our children. We collaborate with community leaders from Youngstown City schools, Essilor Vision Foundation, Classic Optical, United Way, and Akron Childrens Hospital to provide eye examinations for children from kindergarten through fourth grades. Our volunteer doctors, Doctors for Kids, arrange time to come into the schools with equipment and provide eye exams. Children who require glasses receive 2 pairs (one for home and one to leave at school) thanks to the Essilor Vision Foundation and Classic Optical. If a child is diagnosed with a more serious eye problem, arrangements are offered to see the child at a local physician’s office for continued care.