About Reverberation

Chicago Children’s Choir’s annual gala evolves into a virtual celebration called Reverberation, carrying with it the sounds of progress.

We resonate 64 years of social change. 

We amplify messages of peace, understanding and equality to the masses by connecting diverse youth through the power of music. 

We raise bold voices who persist in the face of monumental challenges. We are Chicago Children’s Choir, and our work is not done.

Reverberation is an evening that applauds resilience, inspire action and permeates joy through new performances and stories from our singers.

To Give, Text CCCREVERB to 243725 or Click Donate


FORTISSIMO ($60,000)

Rose & Bob Fealy

John & Christina Hatherly

​David & Lesly Koo and RoundTable Healthcare Partners

The Vandenberg Family

FORTE ($30,000)

Foundation To Be Named Later

Michael & Meeghan Nemeroff and Vedder Price​

MEZZO PIANO ($15,000)


Jacqueline Griesdorn & Kevin Matzke



Renee & John Salomon


Ron & Patty Weiss

PIANISSIMO ($10,000)

Himal Agarwal & Shimul Lahoti / Millennium Bank
Gerry Barad & Bridget Thomas
Tracey & Ed Benford
BMO/Monica Carney
Patrick and Ruth Boehmer
Jonathan C. Bunge
Capital One Healthcare
Ellen-Blair Chube
Thomas & Michelle Cusick
Caroline and Adam Dettman
Egwele & Company / Brian & Amber Egwele
John Hong and Ellee Pai Hong
Deneese and Matthew Levin
Kari Katz
Ann Marie Lipinski & Steve Kagan
Mackinac Partners/Melissa Kibler and Vince Lazar
Kala and Mike Moynihan
Oil-Dri Corporation of America
Matt & Carrie Parr
Diane & Jim Pearse
Mridu & Chandra Sekhar
Michael Teplitsky
Wege Foundation

SOTTO VOCE ($7,500)

The Nolan Family Foundation


Black Oak Technical Productions

Boka Catering Group with Executive Chef/Partner Giuseppe Tentori

Breakthru Beverage

Hickory Farms

Kehoe Designs 



Avani Agarwal & Patrick Sellers
Katie & Rob Ashcroft
The Baranek Family 
Brian & Amy Boonstra
Tim Calkins & Carol Saltoun
Jennifer & Albert Chung
Paul & Carol Ciolino
Michelle Cormier
Christopher C. Curfman
Ellyn K. Daniels
Suzanne EL-Moursi & Dr. Bassel Ericsoussi
Derek & Katie Ferguson
Brock J. Furlong
Cornelia Grumman & Jim Warren
The Huttinger Family
Michelle & Jeff Kerr
Priscilla & Steven Kersten
Bob Linscott
Diane & Alejandro Longoria
Stephen and Sue McLaughlin
Miller Cooper & Co., Ltd.
Morgenstern Wilson Family
Anita Snow Orlikoff
Ronak & Nisha Patel
Peoples Gas
Daniel & Kathleen Platt
The Plexus Groupe
Kerryann & Joe Minton
Alyssa Rapp & Hal Morris
Erin Murphy
Mary Jane Raymond
Ropes & Gray
Ellen & Paul Rudnick
Colleen & John Mueller
Guy & Victoria Rozentsveig
Rahul Sekhar & Lauren Johnson
Anton Sahazizian
Frank Segall
Valerie & Lee Shapiro
Darren & Anne Snyder
Scott & Laura Stern
Ron & Jacqueline Turcotte
Steve Welborn
Lisa Leiter Wissink & Jeffrey Wissink

Presented by Chicago Children's Choir

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