Race to Reach Readers

Race to Reach Readers supporting Books Between Kids
Race to Reach Readers

Join the Race!

Join us in the Race to Reach Readers! Together with you, Books Between Kids will deliver 310,000 books straight to the hands of young readers. Your support enables kids to become first-time book owners. 

More than 60% of low-income families do not have books at home for their children. Our goal is to change this narrative.

What is the Race to Reach Readers?

COVID-19 can postpone our event, but it can't postpone our mission! 

Books Between Kids typically hosts our annual Book Bash in the fall, but we made the decision to postpone the event for the safety of all involved. We still hope to host an event in the spring. 

However, despite not hosting an event, the show must go on! We are hosting 52 Book Celebrations, supporting countless Community Partners, and increasing Book A Month enrollment. This is why we need YOUR important support! 

Our Beliefs

Every child deserves to be a book owner, regardless of their income. 

Every child should enter school having read books at home. 

Every child should get to explore and adventure through fiction tales. 

Every child should learn about our world through non-fiction books. 

Without books and reading, many doors are closed.

Join us today by donating. Your monetary gift will help support our operations, the link that bridges books from the community to the hands of children.