Support our Campaign

While we can’t predict the future, the unavoidable challenges of the pandemic and social distancing activities may inevitably have an impact on our athletes in the short-term – and potentially the long-term.

I just keep thinking to myself – we must Protect “The Ride.”

“The Ride” is someone’s family.

“The Ride” is a part of our local communities.

“The Ride” is a way we celebrate our western lifestyle together.

AND without the riders…. Someday we no longer may have “The Ride”!

So, what’s the answer? – Plan for the future and “Protect the Ride”

We have been blessed by so many of you who have supported us in the field and at our events – and I hope that we will see each other soon as the environment improves.

But until that time – I am asking our many fans and supporters of Western Sports Foundation to consider supporting the ongoing financial assistance and wellness programs for our riders with an online gift.

FOR ATHLETES - LIMITED, ONE-TIME, TEMPORARY, LEVEL-AMOUNT financial assistance grants are available for economic hardship to western sports athletes.  Applicants should either apply by contacting Aubrey O’Quin, Director of Programs and Operations, at 719-242-2900, or email

Thanks in advance for your consideration of support. Together we can make a difference.

Mark Dobosz, Executive Director