Project Renaissance Virtual Theatre Sponsors

About Hampton

​Known for producing ladies of impeccable stature, Hampton currently has enrolled approximately 1,200 students, educating them in disciplines ranging from music and drama to science and technology. Approximately 1/3 of the student population resides on campus.


Project Renaissance is aiming to raise at least US$150,000 to fund

(1)  repairs to the school’s dormitory bathrooms, and

(2)  the purchase of tablets, which will be used to facilitate a remote learning program necessitated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

We will be hosting VIRTUAL THEATRE fundraising events where money raised will be used to fund both projects.

However, we think our efforts would go even farther with YOU as our sponsor. In this role, your business would provide monetary support, and in turn we would promote your company as the event’s official sponsor.

Listed below are the different levels of sponsorship being offered. If your company is interested in being an official sponsor of the event, or if you would just like to support our cause, please select the icon in the lower left corner of the button for your desired level of sponsorship, then email your company logo and slogan, or flyer to 


Hampton School, located in the hills of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, is a 162 years old boarding school for girls, with a deteriorating infrastructure; some rooms have been condemned and cannot be used, bathrooms are in dire disrepair, are just two of the issues. In 2018, we, a group of 13 Hampton School alumni, formed Project Renaissance, whose goal is to address some of the disrepair at the school. The group's first project, Water Flow, sought to find a solution for the poor water distribution throughout the school's campus and work is currently underway to implement that solution; it is expected to be completed on or before June 30, 2020. 

The second project the group has selected is the disrepair in the dormitory bathrooms. We are in the design concept phase of this project, and have started to raise money to fund it. But with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the school, where students, especially those from rural St. Elizabeth, are unable to "get to a classroom", we have added a Tablets Project to our list of projects. The Tablets Project aims to source at least 1,300 tablets for the school's Remote Learning program.