Explore, Learn & Play Outdoor Play Space

Explore, Learn & Play Outdoor Play Space supporting St. Joseph Academy
Explore, Learn & Play Outdoor Play Space

About Explore, Learn & Play Outdoor Play Space

Help us improve our Play Space! 

$126,071 raised, $31,000 remaining at campaign start!

Help us to improve access to outdoor play opportunities, create a natural outdoor classroom space to explore nature, create opportunities for creative play, open our space to allow faith, music, art, and poetry to flourish and improve academic learning for our children. Safe and creative play spaces are needed for the children in our care. This project will address social emotional, academic, and health & fitness needs of our students. Our mission is to develop lifelong learners and problem solvers. 


Elements to be included in the Play Space:

- Tree & Shrub Planting:  Plantings will include native plants and pollinator plants.

- Tricycle Track: For ECEC children to develop their Gross Motor Skills

- Log & Boulder Play scape: Will be used by all children to encourage gross motor development and physical fitness.

- Amphitheater Seating – Will create a seating space for more formal class instruction; audience space for presentations of art, music, & classroom learning; space for outdoor prayer services.

- Embankment Slide – Will encourage fun, play, and help develop gross motor skills.

- Whole Log Climbing Wall w/ Boulder Scramble – Will encourage the development of Gross Motor Skills, Team Building, Physical Fitness

- Interactive Wall Art & Chalk Board - Art, Creativity, Academics, Classroom Instruction

- Gaga Ball Court - Physical Fitness, Team Building, Gross Motor Skills

- Sensory Path & Edible Garden – This will allow learning about edible plants in nature, our Native Pollinators and their importance to our world eco system and allow sensory development: Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste.


Starts at:  August 1, 2022 12:00 AM
Ends at:  September 30, 2022 12:00 AM




Kim Schubring
414-645-5337 x247

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How your Support Makes a Difference

Every child in our community deserves a fair and equitable chance for play opportunities as their peers in more affluent school districts and communities. When we provide fair and equitable opportunities for all children, it not only benefits the children, but our entire community. Improving health outcomes, teaching sustainability, and increasing social emotional competence in our children have long term effects. Communities that successfully address inequities by leveling the playing field have proven to be more prosperous and stable than those that have not.

Thank you for your support!