Paladin Build-IN Capital Campaign

Paladin Build-IN Capital Campaign supporting Paladin

Friends, family and neighbors,

In Indiana 1,428,132 adults have at least one form of disability. To put that number into perspective take a look around your hometown, grocery store, park, or place of worship, and count the number of people you see; 1 out of every 4 people you count is living with some kind of disability. Disabilities and the challenges that often accompany them are not limited to one demographic, one income level, one race, religion, or gender.

We believe that LaPorte County is the perfect place to count on our friends, family, and neighbors, and community-minded businesses. Our hometown feel with vibrant industry and tremendous growth provides the perfect backdrop for supporting each other. At Paladin, we provide care everyday to ensure that people with disabilities can live life to the fullest.

The space that we have now is not conducive to the work we are doing to support, educate and build lives and we need to make major improvements. The building we envision will boast modern classrooms, sensory-friendly spaces, an appropriate lunch table and test kitchen, outdoor accessibility and much more. Our participants tell us that they are interested in culinary skills, job discovery and placement, photography and filmmaking. They also want a space that they can relax and enjoy each other’s company when they are not in the community.

  • About one in six people with disabilities (16.7%) has been diagnosed with diabetes, compared to one in fourteen (7.4%). A modern test kitchen and comfortable place to eat lunch communicates the importance of healthy eating. Our community partners will have space to facilitate workshops and other hands-on activities that improve nutritional awareness and promote disease prevention.
  • As we age, we often worry about a decline in mental and physical abilities and wonder if that decline will affect our ability to live independently. The same is true for adults living with disabilities, perhaps even more so. An upgrade to our classrooms will not only allow for additional ADA-compliant space for new and existing participants, it may actually improve how well our participants brains function. Learning new skills, engaging in a broad range of experiences, and participating in personally meaningful activities have a lasting, beneficial effect on memory, self-esteem, and cognitive abilities.
  • People with disabilities are more likely to be obese (40% compared to adults without disabilities 28%), our new space will include a walking trail and outside learning experiences such as our chicken and mushroom raising projects. Opportunities to update our gym exist as well. Studies link ongoing physical activity with benefits to cognition and disease prevention. Our participants tell us that they like to be outside and like to play outdoor sports; but currently there is not a space to enjoy these types of activities.

We are in the process of raising 2.5 million dollars in order to make the necessary improvements to our building. We estimate that we could serve an additional 120 individuals once the building project is realized. We know that there is a need in LaPorte County and we are dedicated to providing the services to our community. We are so grateful to the community for their ongoing support and are looking forward to working with you to support, educate, and build lives.

Our community thanks you for consideration.

Steve Hobby | President