This is Why We Need Your Support!

    <p>“NC Central University gave me the opportunity to leave my personal <br/></p><p>legacy. It was an honor to have graduated from the BEST HBCU there <br/></p><p>is. Speaking of legacy, my mother, grandfather, and cousins all <br/></p><p>attended NCCU, so I truly believe it was my destiny to be enrolled at</p><p> this institution. Being awarded a full athletic scholarship was a blessing <br/></p><p>because it took weight off of my mother as well as myself regarding <br/></p><p>student loans after I graduated, and gave me the opportunity to focus <br/></p><p>on the beautiful sport of track &amp; field. Being a collegiate student-</p><p>athlete is bigger than yourself, it’s a commitment to those before you <br/></p><p>and creating a new bar to those after you. I am forever grateful and <br/></p><p>thankful that I was able to wear that Eagle or NCCU proudly across my <br/></p><p>chest.”</p>

As we have all realized unprecedented times the NC Central Department of Athletics is doing everything conceivable to continue to create the opportunity to fulfill student-athletes’ lifelong dreams of obtaining a college degree while competing in intercollegiate athletics.  Since entering the NCAA Division I ranks ten years ago, philanthropic funding to the Department of Athletics has certainly increased.  However, to soar into the next era of eagle excellence, we must continue to increase fundraising in support of NC Central’s

“Eagle Nation, if there was ever a time we needed your support, the time is now.  As with any team, one part of a program is nowhere near as dominant as the entire unit together,” said NC Central Director of Athletics Dr. Ingrid Wicker McCree.  “To get through these times and to continue on the trajectory of success that we have all taken pride in, we must step up and grow resources to the Department of Athletics.  Let’s grow STRONGER TOGETHER.”

The #NCCUStrongerTogether Campaign outlines specific strategic initiatives to maintain opportunities for student-athletes and even elevate the competitiveness of all NC Central’s athletics programs. By investing through your financial support, one is empowering them in the athletic arena and also in the classroom, as civic leaders and ultimately in the boardroom.