NAHU Education Foundation Charity Walkathon

Support our Campaign

If you are in a position to make a contribution to help support local charities in your area, we ask that you support the NAHU Foundation Charity Walkathon.

Donations can be confidential.

We know that our members greatly value connecting with each other through local and state chapters.  Our chapters offer many valuable services from monthly meetings to CE offerings and Symposiums.  Our chapters and their members are also big supporters of local charities and frequently hold fundraising events to benefit the charities that are important to their local communities.

Because it is more difficult to hold in-person charitable fund-raising events at the current time, we have developed a new virtual event that will help us come together in a new way to support the causes important to your community.  In partnership with the NAHU Education Foundation, NAHU State & Local Chapters are sponsoring the NAHU Education Foundation Charity Walkathon, a campaign to raise money for those local charities important to your chapter and your community.

Each chapter will hold a virtual walkathon on a day or during a time period they will announce soon in your local area. Each chapter will also specify a local charity that will be the recipient of donations during the walkathon. This allows NAHU chapters to come together to support charities all over the United States during one concentrated time period during 2020.  

Just click the Donate Now button and fill in the information to make your contribution, which will be directed to the charity supported by your chapter!

Thanks so much for your participation in this important event!