Every Dollar Makes an Impact

Your donation supports the only nonprofit outpatient rehabilitative clinic for children with special needs in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Experienced clinicians work together to develop a personalized plan of care to fit each child's unique needs. 

When you make a donation to our program, you make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of children. 

Moody Clinic staff knows firsthand the daily struggles families experience when finding the right care for their child with disabilities. 
About 32% of our patients live below poverty guidelines and receive discounted treatment services. Our Every Day Giving campaign helps close the cost for those who cant afford the full cost of services.  
With your help, we can continue providing the treatment children needs vs. the one health insurances are willing to pay for. 
Did you know? Moody Clinic was created in 1952 by a woman whose son suffered from Cerebral Palsy. She grew frustrated with the lack of treatment options in the community and decided to take action. She put a group of professionals together to spearhead a clinic to help children with disabilities.