Annual Appeal

Every Dollar Makes an Impact

For over 60 years, families have looked to Moody Clinic for answers. This is the place where patients find hope and where the impossible becomes possible. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Helping premature born babies like David receive therapy services is more important than ever. 

Your donation supports the only nonprofit outpatient rehabilitative clinic for children with special needs in the lower Rio Grande Valley.

Baby David was born premature at 32 weeks and stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 17 days.

Like most first time mothers, Eva was nervous and scared of the unknown, "the hospital sent me home with this tiny thing, he was 4 pounds 8 oz. I was really scared.”

Eva recalls meeting with a social worker before leaving the hospital who would refer her for therapy services to Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and Moody Clinic.

The transition to Moody Clinic was smooth and baby David started receiving speech,physical and occupational therapy services for optimal progress. 

With feeding therapy, Speech Language Therapist Ms. Jessica taught Eva how to properly feed Baby David to help him gain weight, showing her bottle support and pacing techniques to promote a more mature suck/swallow reflex.

Physical therapist Denise worked on head and postural control and transitional movements. Occupational therapy helped baby David track an object to develop visual skills and respond to his mother’s voice for increased bonding time.

Moody Clinic is often the first support system and resource referral for many parents during their child’s journey towards therapy services.  

“Everybody was very reassuring. When you go to Moody it feels like you are going to a friend’s house in a way. I really liked the atmosphere; the staff makes you feel comfortable," Eva said.