Talk about a Godsend!

Because of Careity Foundation, within the week, Danielle visits the Oncologist, Surgeon and Heart Specialist! The next week, Danielle had her port surgery and her first chemotherapy infusion. Only three weeks had passed by. We had checked with a couple of other local oncologist, and their first appointment was not until after Danielle had already had her first chemotherapy infusion.

So incredibly grateful,

Karen Doby

Help Save Lives

Your support is important to me. I will be riding in the

Careity Celebrity Cutting on Friday, December 3rd at Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum.

Please consider a gift that will help save a cancer patient's life.

I'm hoping to raise $30,000 to ensure we give the best possible chance of survival to these cancer patients. Please consider a gift of $50 or more if you can, because these patients are in the battle of their lives.

You can ride with Monica at the Careity Celebrity Cutting:

Ride along with Monica in the large arena of the Will Rogers Coliseum at the Careity Celebrity Cutting Friday, Dec. 3. Of course she'll be the rider, but your logo or name can be on the back or sleeves of her famous Chef Coat. Depending on the size of your donation, you will receive a t-shirt copy of the Chef coat, and tickets to the Careity Celebrity Cutting. After the event, the Chef coat will be displayed at Mamma Monicas for all to see!