MN Realtors® Rebuilding Community Giving Campaign

Your Invitation

The MN Realtors® Rebuilding Community Giving Campaign provides the opportunity to be part of an energizing and mission-focused campaign of celebrating our community, connecting with each other, and giving back. Together we have the opportunity to support home ownership by rebuilding the businesses that are the backbone of healthy communities. As a donor, you will inspire others to be part of this important cause.

Invest to Make A Difference

Sixty percent of the businesses in the Camden neighborhood of North Minneapolis were impacted by the riots that followed the killing of George Floyd, To help them recover, the Upper Northside Business Association is among the recipients of the MN Realtors Rebuilding Community Giving Campaign. Minneapolis Fourth Ward Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham and his office are spearheading efforts to rebuild. Hear about the impact of the unrest on his ward in this video.

Support Local Businesses

The Longfellow Community Council, one of the recipients of funds from the MN Realtors Rebuilding Community Giving Campaign, has been working hard to support local businesses in the South Minneapolis neighborhood that were hard hit by the civil unrest. In this video Executive Director Melanie Majors explains what they’ve been doing to assist in their recovery. You can help by donating today!

Making a difference through giving 

The Minneapolis Area REALTORS® Foundation, in partnership with the St. Paul Area Association of REALTORS® Charitable Foundation and Minnesota Realtors®, hosted an online giving campaign in support of rebuilding efforts following the recent civil unrest. Recognizing the strong tie between healthy businesses and home ownership, all money raised will fund the rebuilding of businesses in the Twin Cities that were damaged or destroyed following the killing of George Floyd. The campaign concluded in October 2020 and raised $250,120!

All funds raised will be distributed to the following organizations:

• Upper Northside Business Association
• Longfellow Community Council
• Minneapolis Foundation 
• Twin Cities Rebuild for the Future Fund

MN Realtors® Rebuilding Community is a multi-association effort to engage in racial diversity, equity and inclusion issues as they pertain to housing. Minneapolis Area REALTORS®, Minnesota Realtors® and the St. Paul Area Association of REALTORS® are founding partners.