The MILTON Fund: Be Part of Something Great!

What is MILTON's annual budget? 

The school's total annual budget is approximately $10 million, plus $700,000 from COVID-related expenses. 

How will my gift to The MILTON Fund be used? 

The MILTON Fund is unrestricted income that covers everything in the budget that tuition alone does not. The current need is $1.6 million. 76% of the school's annual budget goes to faculty and staff salaries, professional development, and direct classroom costs. You can think about a single gift in the same way -- though funds are not specifically earmarked. 

What are the additional COVID-19 expenses this year? 

This year's unique COVID-19 needs include:

- Hiring additional staff and teaching assistants to maintain small cohorts
- Rental of offsite outdoor spaces
- Technology upgrades
- Facilities enhancements + health safety equipment
- Emergency tuition assistance

Okay, I still have a few questions. Where can I direct them?

You can send your questions to!