Cocktails & Caregivers is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to caring for caregivers. 

Questions about your donation? Email Amanda Brody at

Join the Martini Club - our VIP monthly giving group devoted to supporting caregivers! Your monthly donations help lighten the load of caregivers all over. Caregiving isn't always a club you ask to join and that's why our donors are here to help. 

So, let’s send them a "drink"! Choose your martini level and think of it as sending a monthly “Cheers” to a caregiver through our care package and grant programs.

Your donations make all the difference! xoxo Thank you! 

What’s in it for the VIPs? 

Your monthly donation gets you: 

  • Two tickets to the 2024 Blue Tie Gala (September 14th) in Indianapolis, Indiana 
    (only Perfect Martini donors eligible)

  • Your name in our upcoming book for caregivers

  • Special "perks" at our Blue Tie Gala and events (we are so glad you're here!) 

  • Bragging rights - "Hey, I'm in the Martini Club!" 

  • Lots of good vibes knowing you're supporting caregivers all across the country