Do You Stand With Wild Horses? Join Us.

Wild horses are fast disappearing from our country.  Possibly the most famous of all, the beloved horses of Onaqui, were just decimated by the Bureau of Land Management before our eyes in July 2021.

It is time to stop this.  It is time to make change.  The Wild Beauty Foundation, led by Disney's Black Beauty director Ashley Avis, has embarked on a three year documentary project that will show both the astounding beauty, and the devastating truth, behind what is happening to our wild horses.

But now, we need your help.  To keep going, WBF needs to raise critical funds to complete filming in 2021, continue furthering awareness, and to put together a legal fund.  The team has risked everything to bring this to the American public, and beyond.

Behind the Scenes: Loss of a National Treasure in Onaqui

Donate to WBF

Any donation is appreciated.  If you can help with $20, $50, $100 -- or are interested in providing a significant donation, certain limited credits on the film Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit are available.  Please contact Edward Winters at directly to discuss.

Do you want to learn more about wild horses and the issues they face?  Visit our website.  Do you want to see the behind the scenes account director Ashley Avis just took at the Onaqui roundup, after taking the BLM head on?  See Loss of a National Treasure on YouTube.  Have children spoken up?  You bet.  See a video where Jocelyn & her Girl Scout Troop ask President Biden to step in to save wild horses.

It's time to stand for the wild horses of our time, today.  Thank you for raising your voice!  Every life matters.