Stand Up for Wild Horses.

Wild horses are fast disappearing from our country.  

Few people actually know that about 80,000 horses currently roam free in the Western United States, but they are being cruelly rounded up by helicopters, taken away from their families, and losing their freedom.  Over 50,00 wild horses are currently stuck in mass holding facilities.

If something isn't done soon, wild horses will best lost to our history forever.  So from April - August 2021, The Wild Beauty Foundation is launching the #istandwithwildhorses social media campaign.  

Raise your voice to protect them and halt the roundups!  

Follow these steps.

Step 1.
Write the words "I Stand With Wild Horses" on a piece of paper, or on another creative surface like cardboard, asphalt, or glass.

Step 2. 
Take a photo with the words, and your face, in the shot!

Step 3.
Post your photo to social media with the hashtags below!

That's it!

#istandwithwildhorses #powergracefreedom #wildbeautyspirit

Tag WBF on social media

Any donation is appreciated as we ramp up not only this campaign, but a powerful PSA video about protecting wild horses, which we plan to launch in July!  We're also boots on the ground, rescuing horses in need.  Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Watch for your photo to be featured on the WBF website or one of our channels! 

Do you want to learn more about wild horses and the issues they face?  Visit our website, and learn about how the famous Onaqui herd in Utah is about to be rounded up in July. 

It's time to stand for the wild horses of our time, today.  Thank you for raising your voice!  Every life matters.