There are many ways to help our Haitian friends by helping Interact provide food, education, medical and housing. Every donation matters since 100% of donations go directly to helping the Haitian families featured in the "What's Happening" section of this website. Travelers cover their own costs and there are no administration fees, so every donation makes a direct impact.

Since the donation portal is a 501C3, donations are tax deductible.

Support our Campaign

By supporting our campaign, you will help local students learn leadership skills, while supporting efforts in philanthropy.

The Rotary sponsored Interact Clubs are a worldwide organization where members learn leadership skills while providing viable community and international service. In Southwest Michigan, alone, there are several Interact Clubs - all that build tomorrow's leaders while fulfilling the Rotary promise to make the world a better place. 

On a local level, a main initiative is in bringing aid to the less fortunate through sponsorship of the Mosaic Wonderland Toy Store. On an international level, the focus is on bringing aid to Haitian families living among the sugar cane fields of La Romana, Dominican Republic. During annual summer trips to the Dominican Republic, local Interact members have found numerous ways to help the families making $3 a day - from providing food and clean water, to bringing medical care and building homes.  

In 2019, local Interact clubs decided to do more to help end poverty among the Haitians by bringing education to 120 children who otherwise were not able to go to school. With a full commitment on building a home on annual trips and helping the children get an education, which includes English Classes on Sundays, Interact4DR was formed. 

This is where your support is needed. It costs an average $20,000 a year to send 120 children grades K-12 to school. Home builds average $10,000 a year. This site was created to spread awareness of Interact Club efforts and needs in helping those much less fortunate beyond our community. 

These efforts are made possible by Rotary Club Sponsors:

- Rotary Club of Lakeshore sponsored Interact Clubs of Bridgman High School and Lakeshore High School 

- Rotary Club of St. Joseph-Benton Harbor sponsored Interact Clubs of Lake Michigan Catholic High School, Lake Michigan Catholic Middle School, St. Joseph High School and Upton Middle School