He is Me Institute

Support Our Virtual Mentoring Program

Our "I AM King" Mentoring Program is designed for men of color to facilitate activities that provide opportunities for boys of color to gain the social emotional skills and language that they need to manage their own lives and identities. 

Using proven social-emotional and academic learning standards, the participants will not only experience personal development, but they will also experience academic growth. At a time where our most vulnerable students are being further left behind, this is increasingly important.

By the end of the program, the men and the boys will have a stronger sense of self and a deeper understanding of the need to have more men of color in the classroom.

Our mentors are potential candidates for our yearlong fellowship-- a new pathway to become a teacher.

Support Our Fellowship Program

Our yearlong fellowship is designed to give Black men the tools and experience for them to develop a passion for teaching. By the end of the fellowship year, Black men feel like they can teach, want to teach, and need to teach.

​When our students graduate college, we help them get their first job in schools with teacher residency or teacher development programs to hone their practice. We also pay for three years of membership for our alum to join Profound Gentlemen for additional personal and professional development.

Black male college students can join the fellowship each year after freshman year and get three years of experience building relationships with schools, impacting boys of color, and learning the skills needed to become a full-time lead teacher. 

He is Me Institute empowers Black men to obtain and retain careers in education by leading boys of color through identity development, STEAM, social advocacy, and social-emotional development curricula. 

Our alumni are impassioned teachers with the personal and professional experience to lead classrooms and change the narrative for many boys who look like them.