Donate to Believe Ranch and Rescue for Hay Campaign

When a horse is first rescued, it must be transported from the auction site to a quarantine location.  The horse needs to be quarantined to be certain that it does not introduce a medical problem into the herd at Believe Ranch and Rescue, which could harm them all.  During the time in quarantine, the horse is also examined by a veterinarian, which will include getting the horse wormed and all appropriate vaccinations.  

​When quarantine is finished, then the horse will be transported again, from the quarantine site to Believe Ranch and Rescue.  Here, the horse will be seen as needed by a veterinarian, will have their hooves cared for by a farrier, and will be evaluated by a trainer to determine appropriate training needs.  

What does all of this cost?  It of course varies, depending on how much veterinary services, farrier services, and training are needed.  However, a rough estimate is $400 per month or roughly $5,000 per year.