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As many of you know we have lost our “Ultimate Panther”, Ken Pickerill, recently.  Ken was an outstanding person, teacher and coach at OHS.  He dedicated his life to our school and this community.  Many of you have fond stories of “Pick” and how he impacted your life.  “Pick” did everything he could to give our school the athletic facilities we have.  Now it’s our turn to step up and continue his legacy by updating and repairing our facilities.

"Once a Panther, Always a Panther"

"Feed the Panther" is the All Sports Boosters Capital Campaign to raise $11,000,000 to update our athletic facilities.  Our first step to our overall goal is to raise $1,000,000 to complete our tennis court renovation.  Once that is complete then we will move on to complete our other goals all listed below.

1.  Tennis:  Provide new tennis courts and associated lighting (currently more than half of the courts are unplayable).  Funds Required: $850,000

2.  Football/Track & Field/Soccer/Band:  Provide new artificial turf playing surface on the current football field (Ken Pickerill Stadium) in order to provide a multi-purpose stadium to support football, soccer, track/field and band.  This will be accomplished in conjunction with a new state-of-the-art outdoor video board, new press box, concessions and seating areas.  Funds Required: $8,000,000

3.  Baseball:  Provide New Brick Back Stop, New Fencing around field, New Batting Cages, New Watering system behind the pitcher’s mound at the Varsity Baseball Field (Jackie’s Field of Dreams).  Funds Required: $800,000

4.  Softball:  Provide updated field, New Dugouts and Lights to the Varsity Softball Field.  Funds Required: $600,000

5. All Sports:  Provide New Track & Field flooring Surface and Sound System in the OHS Field House.  Funds Required: $500,000

6.  Basketball/Wrestling/Volleyball:  Provide New state of the art Indoor Video Board for our multi-purpose Gymnasium and Video Scorer Tables.  Funds Required: $250,000