About Give the Gift of a Mammogram


Starts at:  September 30, 2019 12:00 AM
Ends at:  February 1, 2023 12:00 AM




Many of our days begin by answering a frantic cry for help. You know the type of call, from somebody whose bad news is fresh and the worry is raw. These are desperate conversations that begin, “I’ve found a lump in my breast! Where can I get a mammogram as soon as possible?”

The callers – often people of little means, young single mothers with children, people who seemed perfectly healthy yesterday – have found us and need informed answers right away. Just as important, they need the compassionate ear of somebody who understands. They need Careity.

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With each call, we join another journey as confidant, encourager, guide and source of hands-on assistance.  They don’t yet know that they need a different kind of mammogram than the routine screening, a diagnostic type that requires a doctor’s orders. “Doctor’s orders? No, we don’t have that!” they say. “And we can’t afford a doctor anyway. Can you still help us?”

In those cases we move to the next step. We gather details and initiate a process with our trusted network of physicians that leads to an appointment, usually within 24 hours. By day’s end, another frantic cry for help has turned in to words of encouragement and a path forward. Another urgent “Help me” has become a hope-filled “Thank you.”

Help. Hope. Healing. It’s our calling, so we are always ready for the next call.