What is the United Way?

United Way is a volunteer organization working to fund programs that provide health and human services to our community.  It is an organization unique in its volunteer review of program services, in which local volunteers make annual funding recommendations.  Each United Way is local and independent, choosing its funding criteria and priorities to fit the local communities.

​Why is my gift important?

​Nearly 2/3 of all United Way support comes from individuals giving through employee campaigns or direct gifts.  Your gift, no matter what size, makes an impact on services in our community when it's pooled with the contributions of others.

​how are funding decisions made and by whom?

​All programs are reviewed and evaluated by local resident volunteers servings on Allocations Committees.  The committee considers each agency's program application against variables that include: the administration of the program or service, it's goals and effectiveness, and the need in the community.  Each committee makes appropriate program and funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors.  The United Way Board of Directors has the final authority to determine program funding.

​can i direct my gift to a specific agency?

Yes, while United Way's primary focus is education, health, financial stability and basic needs, donors may direct all or a portion of their contribution to any 501(c)3 health and human service organization.  A minimum of a $50 donation is required to designate to an agency.  A fee equal to the United Way's audited fundraising and administrative expense is charged to donor directed contributions to non-United Way partner agencies.  

​is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, the United Way of Indiana County is a tax exempt, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

​how do I register my pledge?

Click on the red Register my Pledge button and fill out the form.  Please answer all required questions at minimum and click submit.  We will notify your employer of your commitment.

​What does it mean when asked to create your own page on the bottom of the registration confirmation page?

We are utilizing a peer to peer fundraising software platform that empowers individuals to fundraise on behalf of our cause.  You can share your own personalized page with your friends and family.  A standard page is created that can be customized.  You can then share via social media or email to invite friends and family to donate.  Please encourage them to donate, the register pledge option is only for employers participating in our workplace campaign.  If a friend and family would like their employer to participate in the campaign as well, have them contact our office at 724.463.0277.  If you are not interested in this option, you do not have to do anything else and/or revisit this page.

​what is an employee workplace campaign?

Every year, thousands of employees across Indiana County get involved in workplace giving campaigns to support the United Way's work to improve the health, education and financial stability of our community.  United Way workplace campaigns bring together employees in all departments of a company and give them an opportunity to unite and support a shared cause.  You can see the results in your own backyard, even as you're part of a larger mission to affect change worldwide.  It's not just about raising money for a worthy cause; it also strengthens connections between employees and their community.  

​how do i submit offline donations?

If you have received and would like to submit any offline donations (cash, checks, etc.) please send them to the United Way of Indiana County, 655 Church Street, Suite 114, Indiana, PA 15701.

​I have a question not listed here.  Who do I contact?

Contact our office at 724.463.0277 or by email at uwindianacounty@uwindianacounty.org.