Cedarwood 2020 - A Celebration of Strength

About Cedarwood 2020- A Celebration of Strength

Dear Friends,

Our annual auction has always been a time to gather, celebrate our children and our school. We are so happy to have the opportunity to gather virtually and hold space together on Saturday. 

This year, it is difficult not to be conscious of the changes in both our community and around the world. 

In honor of the beautiful graduating class and the work they have put forward to be conscious citizens, we are taking their lead. As a school, we are committed to bear witness to the social hardships, oppression, and challenges around us and within us and to uphold the dignity of all humans. 

Instead of raising funds solely for our own community, we offer our compassion and generosity to the communities beyond our intimate one. We ask that you consider contributing to the local organizations listed below who are actively working to advocate for Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color, or to our Cedarwood Emergency Family Support Fund. 

We have hope that we all can learn and grow and know that holding space for our fellow humans is truly why we live together on this earth. 

So please join us tonight at 7:00 pm sharp, for a livestream of our community gathering and please consider giving to these wonderful organizations. 
Self-Enhancement, Inc.

Established in Portland in 1981, SEI now serves as one of the city's leading multi-service organizations: a comprehensive, one-stop resource for youth and families, primarily African Americans and others living in poverty or seeking culturally responsive services. 

KairosPDX was founded by a diverse group of leaders who understand the pivotal role education plays as a gateway to opportunity. They acknowledge that many came before them and fought for the right for all kids to learn, to be in good schools, and to have the chance to overcome systemic poverty. Yet we are faced with the reality that two worlds exist, and they are split on socio-economic and racial lines. KairosPDX believes we can do better. That we can provide a model that narrows the gap and develops young people that do not just know how to pass a test, but how to help their neighbors, how to lead, and that they can change the world for good. 
Albina Vision

The Albina community, which largely overlapped with the current Rose Quarter District, was once the cultural capital of Portland. It was a home to Portland's black community, and a center of the arts, small businesses, schools, and faiths. Their vision is to honor the neighborhood's past by transforming what exists today into a socially and economically inclusive community of residents, businesses, artists, makers, and visitors. This vibrantly diverse community is anchored by intentionally conceived parks and plazas, combined with civic and cultural event spaces of different size and use, and is seamlessly connected to the river and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

Here is a link to a trailer with information on Albina's past, present, and future. Auction donations to Albina Vision benefit the organization's initiative to complete a 4-part docu-series like this. 
World Arts Foundation Inc.

World Arts Foundation Inc. was established in 1978 in Portland, Oregon, to promote and preserve African-American contributions to the American culture, and to support community education through the interface of arts and education in interactive, visual, and performing media that showcases local and regional talent. Through their year-round work, World Arts establishes linkages between artists and the wider community that provide increased opportunities for enhanced knowledge and awareness.

For more than a quarter of a century, World Arts Foundation Inc. has served the educational needs of our community, bridging the gulf between lack of information and knowledge of different cultures. This includes the Cultural Recreation Band, a multicultural performing orchestra and music ensemble taught by professional musicians and composed of inner city and minority youth who have had none or limited previous exposure to music. In a few short years, these young musicians have been trained to present complex classical music programs, which have led to numerous music award and citations, including placement in prestigious statewide competitions. 

Auction donations to World Arts Foundation Inc. benefit the organization's annual festival tribute to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This festival has been active since 1985. Having been impacted by COVID-19, the organization seeks to maintain this festival offering. 


Starts at:  June 6, 2020 8:55 PM
Ends at:  June 6, 2020 11:00 PM