Talk about a Godsend!

Because of Careity Foundation, within the week, Danielle visits the Oncologist, Surgeon and Heart Specialist! The next week, Danielle had her port surgery and her first chemotherapy infusion. Only three weeks had passed by. We had checked with a couple of other local oncologist, and their first appointment was not until after Danielle had already had her first chemotherapy infusion.

So incredibly grateful,

Karen Doby

Help Save Lives

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality contoured show blankets, Cuttinup Show Blankets have earned the trust and admiration of some of the worlds most talented and respected horsemen and horsewoman. Their blankets are crafted with precision and expertise, using the finest materials to ensure durability and comfort for both the horse and rider. With a wide range of exquisite designs and colors, Cuttinup Show Blankets adds an element of elegance and sophistication with out sacrificing your horses ability to perform at it's very best! No matter what equine disciple your partake in, their blankets make a bold statement reflecting your individual tastes, but still providing your equine athlete every advantage possible.

35 Twiggy and 15 Chiquita Sizes available

The Twiggy size is approximately 34”not to exceed 35" along the spine and approximately 40” not to exceed 41" around the barrel, this is the only size that will completely cover The Diamond Wool Contour Comfort Cutter. This is the most common size to ensure complete coverage over any underpad.  The Twiggy size is comparable to "The Oversize" in flat blankets as far as dimensions, but coves more ground as flat blanket get scrunched down when a saddle is apply and actually shrink the coverage length.  Thus under saddle, a contour blanket will appear long than an oversize flat blanket. 35 Available.

The Chiquita size is at least 32” and not to exceed 33" along the spine and at least 38”and not to exceed 39" around the barrel  This is the size chosen with a shorted backed horse.  This size covers most underpads failry well.  You will like likely see a hint of your underpad with thicker very contour underpads.  However, you can still trust the clean fit under your saddle on a contour show blanket can provide. 15 Available.

Cuttinup Show Blankets has generously donated 50 limited edition contoured blankets in honor of cancer survivor Monica Russo. Her beloved Italian restaurants, Mamma Monica's and Zeno's on the Square in Weatherford are favorites of many and have been solidly supportive of Careity since their openings. 

About these blankets: the only contoured show blanket. What does contour mean & why does it matter? Flat blankets leave a bundle of wool mess right where the rider sits. If a horse can feel a fly landing on it's back, don't you think it can feel that? Contour blankets lay flat and fit properly, no bundle of wool mess! 

And, 100% of your purchase goes to helping a cancer patient in need of critical life saving care.

Thank you and Cuttinup Show Blankets.