2020 Back2School Club Meals

Boys & Girls Clubs are here to support Alaska's kids and teens. We want to continue to provide a safe place and meals, school supplies, and positive mentors, so our youth can have a great future. Help us provide healthy meals and snacks to every kid, everyday.

Everyday, we ensure our Club members have a healthy snack and a meal- breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each snack contains 2 food components - a grain and either a serving of fruit or veggies. Our meal components include - milk, a whole grain, a serving of fruit and vegetables, and a protein.

Heading back to school looks different this year. Many of our schools are starting this school year virtually, Boys & Girls Clubs will be here to ensure all kids have equal access to resources and opportunities. Resource like meals that would normally be served at school.

Help us provide our children and youth with healthy snacks and meals, everyday.