What is Play Therapy?

Play is a natural medium for children and families to express feelings, solve problems, and build skills. Children’s play can uncover their internal conflicts, bring to light negative communication patterns in families, and help children and families to discover new problem-solving techniques and strategies.

Access to play therapy resources and activities help children express and process past trauma. It is essential to a child’s development as it provides an opportunity for self-growth, awareness, and deep expression.

Take a look at our executive director, Libby Bergman, demonstrating the "Balance Board" here! -->


The mission of Family Enhancement Center is to create lasting solutions to prevent and heal child abuse.

The Family Enhancement Center invites you to participate in our "Back to Basics" Fall Fundraiser. Our agency is welcoming more and more families back into our building for in-person sessions (while continuing to offer virtual services). In order to keep up with our caseload and provide the highest quality care we can, we need a little extra help! 

Throughout the month of October, we are giving away special "thank you" gifts to our donors – wine, libations, gift baskets and more! For every donation you make, you are eligible to win a gift. Every Friday, we will host a Facebook LIVE drawing to announce our winners.

All funds raised help support our licensed therapists with the basic supplies they need to serve families healing from trauma and abuse. These are including but not limited to: sensory room supplies, personal trampolines, fidget spinners, crash pads, indoor playground equipment and art therapy kits. 

We hope you will consider donating to help our therapists have the tools they need to help every child feel safe, comforted and cared for.