About our Chapter

The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter proudly serves all 100 counties and sponsors all of the ALS Clinics in North Carolina. We leave no stone unturned in search for the cure of this progressive neurodegenerative disease.

I am thinking of you after another challenging year. I want you to know that we will always be here for the ALS community, and we will do whatever it takes to make ALS a disease of the past.

I hope that you will stay by our side as well. We are all in this together, and we need your help more than ever.

A gift from you will provide support, community, and hope when it is needed most.

We still have so much to be hopeful for.

Ground-breaking ALS research gets closer every day to viable treatments and a cure. Our Chapter continues to refine and adapt its services, providing more efficient and increased support.

Your generosity, even in the face of recent uncertainties, fuels our work and inspires others.

Your support has provided tremendous momentum in the fight against ALS. Now I’m asking you to make a generous gift in the spirit of the season that will brighten the holidays – and every day – for those confronting this disease.

Last year, your generosity funded over $170,000 in financial grants. Used by families affected by ALS for expenses not covered by traditional insurance, like in home care and home modifications.

Your dedication to creating a world without ALS helped keep our equipment loan program stocked, allowing us to lend out the 375 pieces requested.

Your gift funded over 108 support groups, ensuring a place for everyone battling ALS to connect.

But we need your help to continue these essential services. Every 90 minutes, someone is diagnosed with ALS, and every 90 minutes someone dies from it.

ALS Clinics, medical equipment, ALS research, and more are crucial for families in our community.

Despite the challenges of the last few years, you should be proud that your support has allowed us to maintain our programs.

Which is why in this season of giving, I hope you will make a special, generous investment in our mission. You are a vital part of our team. Thank you for everything you have, and continue to do, so that future families do not have to face this devastating disease.

Together, we can create a world without ALS.

Kind regards,

Jerry Dawson

President & CEO