Stronger Than Ever

Project Adventure combines physical challenges with social and emotional learning.  Through their challenging adventure activities and focused reflection, we are giving our students the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Here's the best part - the Cohasset Education Foundation WILL MATCH YOUR DONATION 100%.  Let's do this!  

Cohasset Schools + Project Adventure = Stronger Than Ever.  

Recognizing our Donors

Globetrotter ($1000+ Donation)

  • Melissa Hill and Tom Baker
  • Samuel and Kristin Quinn
  • The Askjaer Family
  • The Watts Family
  • trish riley

Trailblazer ($500+ Donation)

  • Brian and Deirdre Riley
  • Fales Family
  • Fraser Family
  • Kimberley Albanese
  • Lindsay and Dale Haver
  • The McHugh Family

Voyager ($250+ Donation)

  • Avery and Emily Regan
  • Bob and Colleen Magri
  • Christopher & Megan Driscoll
  • Erin & Jamie Sunday
  • Gregg Pilotte
  • Gwen & Doug Fitzgerld
  • Jeff and Kristin Armstrong
  • Jennifer and John Madden
  • Julie and Mark Blanchard
  • Kara & Rob DeSalvo
  • Lori Higgins
  • Mary and Tim Burnieika
  • Meaghan & Michael Barry
  • Megan Kiernan
  • Meredith Byrnes
  • Paigely Quinn
  • Patrick and Cory Donnelly
  • The Alberti Family
  • The Elfner Family
  • The Fleming Family
  • The Hanna Family
  • The Saiz Family
  • The Thibault Family

Explorer ($100+ Donation)

  • Alison Meade
  • Allison Doherty
  • Andrew Arace
  • Beth Carney
  • Bill Tierney
  • Brandy Chapman
  • Brian Kearney
  • Caren and Ryan McGrath
  • Chauncy & Mike Cunning
  • Deborah Thomas
  • Erin O'Duggan
  • Jennifer Lesky
  • Jennifer and Paul Ognibene
  • John Ford
  • Karen and Mark Puzella
  • Kelley A McGhee
  • Kristin and Jon Berg
  • Martha and joe Forgiano
  • Matt & Liz Beaulieu
  • Michael & Dyane O'Leary
  • Michelle Aberbach
  • Mike and Erin Ryan
  • Molly Phifer
  • Patricia and Stephen Gillis
  • Paula Dickey
  • Ron & Geri Hill
  • Ruth Steel
  • Sara Crowell
  • Sarah & Ken Shannon
  • Sarah & Tim Davis
  • Sean Casey & Whitney Orwig
  • Silvia Family
  • Stacy & Charlie Sturdy
  • Tara Phillips
  • Ted and Marybeth Reardon
  • The Allison Family
  • The Bowyer Family
  • The Canal Family
  • The Davis Family
  • The Greener Family
  • The Iantosca Family
  • The Ravanesi Family
  • The Richard Family
  • The Seeley Family
  • The Spofford Family
  • Victoria Fine
  • caitlin and paul appleton

Pioneer ($50+ Donation)

  • Alexandra & Christopher Sullivan
  • Andre and Kelly Basile
  • Brian & Christina Bailey
  • Brooke Jewell
  • Caitlin Pinard
  • Christina Weissensee
  • Cohasset Learning Studio
  • Cohasset Party Supply
  • Dibble Family
  • Erin Gillis
  • Frances and Jon Gabriel
  • Gowell Family
  • Jean Healey Dippold
  • Jennifer and Michael Boylan
  • John & Diane Roach
  • Karin Flynn
  • Katie Florek
  • Katie Holden
  • Kearney Family
  • Kelly Jo Sunday
  • Kristen Dean
  • Lindsay Appel
  • Lydia St. Onge
  • Marsha Silvia
  • McNewcomb family
  • Megan Hartwell
  • Sandra Quinn
  • Susan Giglio
  • The Broomhead Family
  • The Lafond Family
  • The Nothnagle Family
  • Valentina Nelson
  • Yanita Williams
  • amanda kennedy

Traveler ($25+ Donation)

  • Alison Sheffield
  • Amy Mae Carpenter
  • Ann Ketchen
  • April Romano
  • Aydin & Eren Tiryaki
  • Bob Carlson
  • Courtney Finn
  • Dustin & Windy Jansen
  • Emily Moore
  • Jeremy & Sarah Williams
  • Juliana Tiryaki
  • Karen Cacciapuoti
  • Kit Coffey
  • Linda Bolster
  • Mary Hession
  • Mary, Lewis & Chris Macfarlane
  • Michelle Houser
  • Mr. and Mrs Michael P. Norton and Family
  • Rachel and Steve Reissfelder
  • Sarah Welz
  • The Chubb Family
  • The Corbetts
  • The Heald Family
  • Tomi Bukowski
  • amy mccusker pruitt

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this Spring 2021 CEF fundraising campaign!  As of June 2021, this grant has been fully funded, but we will continue to keep this site open for any incoming corporate match donations.  Project Adventure will be launched at the Cohasset Middle/High School this fall.

Hello and welcome! Can you help us become STRONGER THAN EVER? The CEF is raising money for a new Social Emotional Learning program called Project Adventure. Project Adventure combines an indoor Outward Bound style climbing and ropes course with a professional development program aimed at building stronger and healthier school communities. The funds we raise will be used to purchase the equipment as well as staff curriculum and training.  All donations will go directly to the project and the CEF is matching every donation dollar for dollar up to $25,000!
This $50,000 grant will be used to purchase materials, equipment and installation that include an indoor climbing wall and multi-swing to begin the transition from traditional PE classes to more student-centered challenges. Your kids will learn resiliency and confidence working in groups and individually on various challenges. And what a great way to better involve students that aren't as interested in traditional sports or PE!  We thank you in advance for considering a donation.  This grant will not only up-level our schools, it will be available to the broader community to use as well! 
Thank you for your consideration. 

The Cohasset Education Foundation + Our Students!