Giving Tuesday Now Help

Giving Tuesday Now Help supporting Detroit Metro Youth for Christ
Giving Tuesday Now Help

About Giving Tuesday Now Help Detroit Metro Youth for Christ During the Crisis

For over 75 years Youth for Christ has been working with teenagers around the World.  During that time in Detroit we have seen hundreds of thousands of lives impacted by our local staff, volunteers and student leaders.  On this Giving Tuesday will you help continue that mission of sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ with local teens?  Detroit Metro YFC continues to connect with teens as part of our national program to reach One Million Teens. 


Starts at:  May 4, 2020 11:00 PM
Ends at:  May 4, 2020 11:00 PM




Joshua Bishop

During Covid 19 lock down ministry doesn't end. Charles Day has been using the lock down to deepen relationships with students through online gaming. 

Support our Day of Giving

YFC involves teenagers in weekly clubs, after school activities, mentoring, camps, trips, events and many other memorable experiences they can look back upon with fond memories.  YFC provides weekly meetings of fun, food and the person, works and teachings of Jesus Christ.  We provide opportunities for youth to serve, develop skills and expand their life experiences.  Your gift  helps us increase our impact in the Detroit Metro Area.  It's our goal to reach 1 Million teenagers collectively nationwide through the Ministry of Youth for Christ?